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As the world progresses in technology, photochromatic film has been created to make both daytime and nighttime driving much easier on the driver. Photochromatic film is a unique window tint film that contains pigments that allows sunlight to make your windows darker in the daytime and then back to being very light at nighttime. This new film, composed of photochromic dye, was introduced to our industry in 2005 and we have now been working with developers on this project for over a decade.



We are very proud to be one of the first companies to offer you this industry leading photochromatic film. Our film has the widest range of transitioning shades on the market and it goes from 75% very light at night and then down to 20% dark during the day. All of this technology is backed by a 10 year warranty that surpasses most normal tint films on the market today.




Photochromatic tint film is the most advanced tint film ever manufactured. It is far superior to ordinary films because it is dynamic and ever changing to your environment. It provides excellent UV-A and UV-B protection during the brightest parts of the day and keeps your car much cooler during the hottest summer days. Enjoy increased daytime privacy and security all while observing unrestricted crystal clear views during the darkest hours at night.



The transition of the film only requires a maximum couple of minutes in the bright sun. In an instant, the transformation of the tint is visibly evident. Conversely during the night time, the film becomes clear, creating a much better driving experience. Without the need of switching the tint film, the adaptive compounds of the film cause an automatic switch from light to dark and back to light. Photochromatic film allows you to enjoy a very unique shade change that no other tint film provides.





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