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Ceramic Precut Back Door Tint Kit for Acura EL 1997-2000

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Acura EL 1997-2000 (BD-CNEW)
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Precut Window Tint Kit

Made for: Your Exact Make, Model, and Year Vehicle.

Precut with: Ceramic Window Tint Film

Precut for: Back Doors

Includes: Both Back Doors and Port Windows (if any)

Select Shades

Select the shade of both of your back doors.

Additional Options

Add an install kit to include tools to help with your installation.

Add a sunstrip to cover the front AS-1 top line of your windshield.

Add duplicate your order to receive 2 of the same tint kits for a discounted rate. This is great if you want a back-up.

Other Products

Add Headlight film which is tinted vinyl film that applies to either both of your headlights or tailights.

Add a Heat gun that will help in molding any film and getting bubbles out.

Add anti fog spray which is and amazing treatment for glass to prevent fogging. Works great on glass, helmets, and goggles.










Do not install these films in violation of your local or state laws. By purchasing this window tint kit you agree to the following terms: (1.) It is your responsibility to make sure that the window film(s) you have received are in accordance with your local laws. (2.) Vehicle window glass may already have tint in it, and you are responsible to check and confirm that the total amount of light being able to pass through your window(s) meets the limits and requirements of your local window tint laws. (3.) Once you have placed an order for custom made window tint film for your vehicle, we will not be able to accept returns on precut tint film unless you have received something other than what was ordered. (4.) In the event of receiving damaged precut tint pieces we will replace them provided you send us a picture of all of the unused window tint piece(s). (5.) By starting to install your custom made precut window tint kit, you agree that all pieces arrived in good condition and that there weren't any missing pieces in your custom cut window tint kit. (5.) Once an order is placed you agree that the order was placed correctly and without any errors. You agree to receive exactly what was ordered and any changes made after a purchase are not possible.